The Grout Sensation Story

The owners of USA Chemical Corp. were determined to make a tile & grout cleaner that was powerful enough to clean grout amazingly fast, BUT did not harm the grout while cleaning.

They knew it would be a major feat to accomplish this goal. After years of trial and error the Grout Sensation formula was perfected.

Major hotels and businesses were the first targets for Grout Sensation. Hotel chains in particular have inspections for every part of their hotels including tile floor inspections.

Hilton Hotel was one of the first major hotel chains to make Grout Sensation a preferred vendor product for their hotels. That was over 10 years ago.

Since then Grout Sensation has been used by every major hotel chain in the USA!

3 years ago Grout Sensation was introduced into Ace Hardware, now it is available in Ace Hardware stores across half the country!